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Best RV Cover 2021: Reviews + Buying Guide


Are you looking for help with finding the best RV covers? That’s completely understandable considering there are literally hundreds of different covers available from dozens of manufacturers. Unfortunately many of these covers are not quality products and won’t last, won’t adequately protect your RV, or worse, will damage your RV.

Don’t worry though, we’ve gone ahead and done all of the heavy lifting for you. We’ve researched the top 5 covers available right now and have compiled them into a nice little list for easy reading.

To make a long story short, the best one is the KING BIRD Upgraded Travel Trailer RV Cover. Now if you want to find out more about it and the other four covers let’s dive into these reviews…

A Spotlight On Some of The Best RV Cover 2021 :

KING BIRD Upgraded Travel Trailer RV Cover


ADCO 52245 Designer Series SFS Aqua Shed RV Cover


AmazonBasics Trailer RV Cover


Covercraft CY31045 Travel Trailer RV Cover


Classic Accessories OverDrive PolyPro 3


KING BIRD Upgraded Travel Trailer RV Cover

This is the absolute best cover for sun protection thanks to its UV deterrent fabric. So if you’re in the desert, beach, or other sun drenched areas you should strongly consider this cover to provide all your protection and covering needs.

Don’t think this is a one trick pony though. This cover also protects your RV from mildew, sleet, snow, rain, and dirt making it one of the best overall covers available on the market today. You really won’t have to worry about anything when using this cover.

Besides that the cover also has reinforced and fortified corner patches on both sides of the cover. These corner patches help keep the wind from being an issue while the cover is on your vehicle. There are also six different air vents on the cover which will help keep wind issues to a minimum. These vents also allow any moisture under the cover to evaporate and escape before it can cause damage to the RV.

There are also two doors, one on each side of the cover that are zippered and rollable. They will allow you to be able to easily access the inside of your RV or the engine compartment without having to remove the entire cover. This is just another quality of life feature that earns this cover the top spot on our best RV covers list.

This cover also comes with a two year warranty to give you some peace of mind. As far as the rest of the industry goes a two year warranty is about the average going warranty length for these products.

Let’s face it, the elements are brutal and even the most well designed cover will wear out over time. With that being said, a two year warranty is pretty good.

Unlike other RV covers which have a complicated and drawn out setup process, this cover provides an easy setup. You’ll be able to get it installed on your vehicle very quickly in most cases.

The pricing on this one is pretty good as well. You won’t need to break the bank for a quality product. There are also quite a few different sizing options available so you should be able to find one that will fit your RV perfectly.

  • Pros
  • Adjustable straps make for an easy installation
  • Cover material protects well against the sun, wind, rain, and other elements
  • Vents allow for moisture to evaporate preventing vehicle damage
  • Cons
  • Warranty length is average at 2 years

ADCO 52245 Designer Series SFS Aqua Shed RV Cover

The ADCO brand is well known throughout the RVing community because they’ve been supplying quality products for years. You’ll rarely find a bad review about their products online. This is great considering their 52245 Designer Series is one of our favorite covers. In fact, we love it so much that we’ve designated second on our best RV covers list.

According to many positive customer reviews this cover is a stand out in high moisture areas. This is because its fabric is made from polypropylene. This material is both water-resistant and breathable. These two things in combination with each other make for excellent performance in heavy rained on or high moisture areas.

So if you’re going to be RVing in a tropical climate or somewhere like the Pacific Northwest, where it rains a lot, then you can’t go wrong with this cover. Another benefit of this cover is that it provides top tier UV protection to ensure the sun’s harmful rays won’t affect the exterior of your vehicle.

The cover is also pretty lightweight coming in at just under 25 pounds. This is a bonus as it will require less physical exertion to install and uninstall the cover. You’ll find that many other types of covers are heavier and more cumbersome to work with.

This cover also sports a nice set of vents as well. These vents help any moisture that manages to get underneath the cover evaporate preventing damage. They also help keep the wind from lifting the cover off of the RV on high wind days. If you don’t get a handle on these two things then there will be some major issues. It’s definitely good ADCO has you covered in that respect.

  • Pros
  • Great cover material protects well against high moisture environments
  • Top tier UV protection
  • Lightweight makes installing/uninstalling a breeze
  • Cons
  • Will only last a few years even in the best of conditions

AmazonBasics Trailer RV Cover

This trailer, even though it’s from Amazon’s Basics brand has nothing basic about it. Amazon has really outdone themselves and have produced a quality product. For instance the roof material on the cover is 3-ply and the sides are a 1-ply material that is breathable. In layman’s terms this cover will provide excellent protection from the elements including dust, snow, dirt, rain, and others.

This cover also has an excellent buckle system for attaching the cover to your RV. This system makes it really easy to get the cover installed and to uninstall it as well. They’ve also included a nice carrying bag for you to store the cover when it’s not in use.

There is also a nice set of air vents on the cover. They provide solid protection against the wind lifting the cover off of the RV. They also do double duty and allow any moisture trapped within the cover to evaporate.

It also has front and rear tensioner panels that allow you to adjust the cover to fit your specific vehicle. This is great because many other covers simply do not offer this option. Providing a snug fit to the vehicle is essential to the cover functioning as it should, so it’s nice Amazon included this option.

This cover will fit any RV that is between 27 and 30 feet long. So if you wind up getting a new rig you could probably use this same cover saving you a bit of coin. Speaking of saving money, Amazon offers a 1 year warranty on this item. This is a little short when compared to the rest of the industry. However, Amazon is really good at standing behind their products. If you should ever have an issue they will be sure to honor the warranty.

Cost wise this cover is priced very competitively against other covers on the market. Considering all the features you get, the materials used, and the overall quality of the product you get a lot of bang for your buck here.

  • Pros
  • 3-ply roof and 1-ply side materials provide great coverage and protection
  • Adjustable front and rear panels for a snug fit
  • Excellent air vent system prevents wind lift and moisture problems
  • Competitively priced and backed by Amazon, one of the biggest companies in the world
  • Cons
  • A few people report shipping and handling issues, but these were easily resolved with Amazon’s excellent customer service

Covercraft CY31045 Travel Trailer RV Cover

This cover is made from polypropylene and has several layers giving superb protection. As you may now know, this material is also breathable. This means it will allow any moisture that makes it to the exterior of your vehicle to evaporate so it won’t damage anything. In other words, with it coming in at number four on our best RV covers list, your rig will be in good hands with this cover.

The buckle system comes complete with adjustable straps that are really nice. Using this system you’ll be able to ensure you get a snug fit to your RV with the cover. A snug fit minimizes wind lifting and makes sure you have good coverage and protection.

There are also reinforced and fortified corners on this cover. This will help keep the top and bottom edges of your rig protected. Covercraft is one of the top brands in this industry and with a product like this it’s easy to see why.

The ease of use on this cover is phenomenal as well. You should be able to install and adjust it to your vehicle in no time at all. It also includes rain gutter covers to help ward off any damage that could happen due to gutters.

This cover also comes with a nice carrying bag for easy storage and transport when it’s not in use. Some covers don’t include this and leave it up to the end user to figure out how to store them. Thankfully, this cover is also relatively lightweight and easy to move, install, and uninstall. Your back will definitely thank you.

  • Pros
    • Great price for what you get
    • Lightweight makes handling it easier on you
    • Breathable material means no moisture problems
    • Several sizing options ensures a good fit
  • Cons
  • May only last 2-3 years, depending on the conditions you use it in

Classic Accessories OverDrive PolyPro 3 Deluxe Travel Trailer Cover

Here we have another great cover that excels in heavy rain/high moisture environments. This cover is made from waterproof material that is 3-ply layered for extra protection. The material is polypropylene, and by now you’ll know that this awesome material can protect your rig from dust, rain, dirt, snow, scratches, and a whole lot more. Many of the customer reviews for this cover are glowing and they rave about how great the material is.

This cover comes in a wide variety of sizes to allow for most RVs to be protected. The most popular size being the 22-24 feet. This is a great option to have because even if you have a smaller or larger RV you’ll be able to get and use one of these covers.

There are also some adjustable front and rear panels on the cover. These panels allow you to gain access to your vehicle without having to remove the entire cover. A nice quality of life addition to the product to say the least. No one wants to have to go through the hassle of uncovering every time just to grab a few things from the inside of your rig.

If you’re on a budget this cover is great because the price is very affordable. So much so in fact that this cover earns the well deserved spot of fifth on our best RV covers list.

  • Pros
  • Excellent material construction means solid protection from the elements
  • Available in a wide range of sizes to fit most rigs
  • Adjustable panels make entry while covered super easy
  • Great price and affordable on most budgets
  • Cons
  • Requires two people to install, only order if you’ve got friends or a family member to help

Best RV Covers Buyer’s Guide

We get it, even though we’ve recommended the top five products on the market, you still may want to shop around. If this is the case please take a few moments to read through our buyer’s guide. Below we’ll cover several important criteria you can use to pick a cover that will work for you. So let’s dive right in...


The main reason for wanting to cover your RV is to protect it from the elements. Surprisingly many RV covers fail to provide adequate protection and can end up allowing damage on your rig. You want to choose a cover made from a highly durable material. You also want it to be layered. We suggest getting a cover with at least a 3-ply top cover and 1-ply side cover.

Also the location of your RV adventures will make a big difference when it comes to which cover you should buy. If you plan on RVing in tropical climates like Florida, then you are going to want to choose a cover that excels in a high moisture environment since it rains almost every other day down there.


Getting the right sizing for your cover is also extremely important. You don’t want to get the wrong size. If you do and your cover is too tight it can cause damage. If the cover is too baggy and loose it won’t provide good coverage and will be at risk for flying off due to wind lifting.

So how do you make sure you get the right cover? Well, RV covers are marketed by their lengths, so you will need the length of your rig. You can get this from the owner’s manual, the manufacturer’s website, or by pulling out the old tape measure and measuring it yourself. Once you have the length handy, only choose a cover made for that specific size.


As we’ve touched on already, being made from a durable material will make a big difference in the effectiveness of your RV cover. Some covers are priced low and look appealing at first glance, but then you read further and find out they’re made of cheap flimsy material. This type of material can easily rip, tear, and fail to provide the necessary protection you need from the elements.

Think about the type of RVing you’re planning on doing and pick a cover that compliments this. Some covers are good in high moisture environments, others do well at providing UV protection. Whatever your specific needs you’re going to want the best RV covers for your unique situation.


With some products you don’t always have to get the brand name to get a quality product. However, with RV covers, it’s usually wise to stick to the brand name offerings. Brand name products are hands down almost always higher quality then their no-name counterparts.

No-name companies, to puff their products up, often market them with unrealistic warranties. Then if you have a warranty claim they act like they’ve never heard of you and fail to honor their warranty.

On the flip side, brand name companies, while offering more realistic warranty terms, have a great track record of honoring and upholding warranties. They have a better reputation in the marketplace. Also, their products, while more expensive, provide greater peace of mind than a discount brand.


Getting the most bang for your buck is always a good thing. With that being said, you should definitely be on the lookout for the cover with the most extra features. These features can include but aren’t limited to adjustable straps to tie down your cover, air vents, and zippered panels that allow you to enter your rig or access the engine compartment without having to remove the entire cover.

These features aren’t necessary and a cover without them may not be a bad product. However, since this is an important purchase you want to get all you can out of all you’ve got.

Ease of Use

Another thing to consider is how easy the RV cover is to install and uninstall. Some covers are very lightweight and can be installed by one person in the span of a half hour. Others are heavier, require two people, and a longer time to install. You want to remain aware of this, and one of the best ways to find this information out is the customer reviews of the cover you’re looking at.


Finally, your budget is going to be the ultimate decision maker for when you’re looking to purchase a RV cover. You want to maintain a realistic outlook when shopping when it comes to your budget. Don’t expect to get a top tier cover if you’re working with a tighter budget. Instead focus on getting the best rv cover you can with the budget you’ve got.

One thing we’d like to warn you against is simply picking the cheapest cover that’s available. Like we’ve mentioned before a cover like this will probably be made from inferior materials, lack features, and won’t be durable. If you need to, save a bit longer so you’ll be able to afford a nicer cover.


Looking for the best RV covers can be a daunting task with so many to choose from. Hopefully you’ve found this post helpful and you’ll be able to pick a great cover that meets all your needs and keeps your rig protected.

If you did find this information useful, let us know by leaving a comment on this post below. We’d love to hear from you.

Thanks for reading and happy RVing!

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