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Best Diesel Fuel Additive

Best Diesel Fuel Additive 2021: Reviews + Buying Guide


Diesel fuel additive can be an absolute lifesaver for anyone who happens to be using a diesel vehicle (especially if you live in an area where it gets cold). But they aren’t just preventative tools either, they actually improve the overall performance of the engine and vehicle.

Given the importance of this item, you want to make sure that you are getting the absolute best one available. Well, that is where this article will hopefully come in handy.

We will be doing two things. First off, we want to review a bunch of the moss popular options currently available on Amazon; we will tell you the pros and cons of each.

Secondly, we will be explaining a lot more about these products in-depth. If you want to know what the best diesel fuel additive on this list is, it is the K100 Diesel Additive.

A Spotlight On Some of The Best Diesel Fuel Additive 2021 :

LUCAS LUC10013 Fuel Treatment


Biobor JF Diesel Biocide and Lubricity Additive


K100 Diesel Additive, Diesel Treat Stbl Qt


Power Service Diesel Kleen and Cetane Boost


Stanadyne Performance Formula Diesel Additive


LUCAS LUC10013 Fuel Treatment

For the first review on our list looking at good fuel additives for Diesel engines, we want to take a look at an additive from a really trustworthy brand, since this will get our article off to the best start possible.

The brand that we are talking about is Lucas Oil and the product of theirs that we want to review is the LUCAS LUC10013 Fuel Treatment. This is a great fuel additive that also happens to be very versatile.

Really there isn’t a lot that we have to say about this fuel additive except for the fact that it hits all the right notes that you want your additive to hit.

It easily removes blockages, improves your miles per gallon, and just makes your diesel engine cleaner and more efficient. There just aren’t any real weaknesses with the additive.

As a sort of added bonus, the Lucas additive is actually capable of being used in both diesel and non-diesel engines, which is helpful for those who maybe happen to own vehicles or tools of both varieties.

While we wouldn’t call this fuel additive “expensive,” we will say that at around $40, you are being asked to pay a relatively large amount for just a single bottle of additive.

  • Pros
  • Works for both diesel and non-diesel fuel.
  • From a pretty trustworthy brand.
  • Great at removing sludge and engine blockages.
  • Cons
  • Fairly expensive, given it is only 1 bottle.

Biobor JF Diesel Additive

The next product that we want to take a look at on our review list is the Biobor JF Diesel Additive. A big problem (and this will be talked about later on in our buying guide) that a lot of people encounter when dealing with diesel engines is that they grow bacteria and other nasty things inside of them that can actually damage the vehicle or tool. Thankfully, certain additives do very well at getting rid of them, and this is a great example of that.

The Biobor does a fairly decent job of killing off bacteria and mold growth, while also doing what additives normally do, which is to improve the efficiency and performance of the engine. So, it is definitely a solid, multi-task additive.

One thing that we will say regarding this additive is that while it is effective, you can also go through quite a bit of this at once because it requires quite a few doses to deal with some tougher bacteria.

  • Pros
  • Decent engine improvement.
  • Kills bacteria and mold.
  • Effectively gets rid of sludge.
  • Cons
  • Can require several doses to effectively kill bacteria.

K100 Diesel Additive

The next product that we want to review as part of our best diesel fuel additive list is the K100 Diesel Additive. This is, on the surface anyway, quite a small bottle of additive. But don’t let the size of the bottle completely blind you as this is a very strong additive with a lot of kick to it. It is perfect for just about any type of vehicle, which is just an extra bonus.

If you look at the front of this additive, you will see that it heavily advertises itself as being “anti-water” and you may be curious as to exactly what that means.

Well, like a lot of other good diesel additives, it means that the K100 additive is capable of removing water from your diesel vehicle’s engine. You probably don’t need to be told by now why this is a good thing, especially if you have read any of the other reviews on our list, so we’ll keep going.

We should also mention that this removal of moisture does wonders for preventing the growth of bacteria inside of your diesel engine.

You just know that we wouldn’t be including an option on this list if it also didn’t do a good job of improving your engine’s overall performance. Well, in this regard, the K100 again does very well. It massively improves the efficiency of your diesel engine. This means less money spent on fuel and less time getting your engine serviced (or fixing it yourself).

One issue that pops up with this diesel additive is how little of it you actually get. By now you have seen on our review list that a lot of these types of products tend to come in either bulk packages or in large capacity bottles.

Sadly, the K100 additive does neither of these. It is a very low capacity bottle and you can’t buy in a bulk. Thankfully, it is more of an annoyance than a serious issue with the product itself.

  • Pros
  • Great at eliminating moisture and moisture-based problems.
  • Prevents growth of bacteria.
  • Deals with engine blockages.
  • Massively increases engine efficiency.
  • Cons
  • Very small capacity bottle.
  • No ability to buy in bulk.

Power Service Diesel Kleen and Cetane Boost

If you want another good fuel additive to try out, then you may be interested in trying out the Power Service Diesel Kleen and Cetane Boost. This is a pretty effective additive that we would heavily encourage you to check out because it seems to do just about everything that you want a product like this to do (there is one notable exception that we will mention at the end of the review).

Firstly, the Power Service additive stabilizes your diesel fuel and prevents it from breaking down. This probably doesn’t come as any great shock, given that most fuel additives do this, but we just wanted to emphasize it in this review.

Secondly, we want to talk about how effective this additive is at improving your fuel mileage. You will get about a 10% boost to your overall fuel efficiency using this additive. Is that a lot? Well, it may not seem like it, but it is a pretty good boost given how easy and cheap this additive is.

The notable exception that we talked about way back at the start of our review was referring to the fact that the Power Service additive doesn’t provide particularly effective cold weather protection for your vehicle or gas tool.

So, if you live in an area where it is incumbent upon you to get something that provide cold weather protection, you might want to either look elsewhere on our list or buy this, but also buy a separate cold weather additive to provide protection for the colder months.

  • Pros
    • Works great as a stabilizer.
    • Provides an overall impressive boost to engine performance.
    • Saves you money on fuel costs.
    • Decent amount of additive per bottle.
  • Cons
  • Not able to be used for cold weather protection.

Stanadyne Performance Formula Diesel Additive

For this final review on our best diesel fuel additive list, we wanted to do a review that we know will really appeal to those who are very familiar with these products and just want something to buy. So, we wanted to review the Stanadyne Performance Formula Diesel Additive.

Now, this particular additive should appeal to the experienced among you for two reasons. First off, this is a very effective and well-made additive. Secondly, it is easily the largest bulk option that we have looked at (you get 16 bottles of the stuff), so it is perfect for those who have multiple vehicles or tools that they need to service.

In terms of quality, this is a very well-made fuel additive. It can thoroughly clean and protect even the gummiest engine around. Aside from just cleaning, it also provides very notable benefits in terms of engine maintenance and efficiency. It reduces damage to your engine, while also improving the miles per gallon that you get (it is a noticeable improvement as well).

There are two issues that we want to bring about this specific product. First off, the large number of bottles included in this package does mean that it is an expensive up-front purchase. Sure, in the long run you are likely to save money by buying 16 bottles at once, but it is still quite a bit of money for a fuel additive.

The second issue again relates to the number of bottles. Unless you are committed to buying in bulk, you might want to buy this additive or a similar one on its own, to make sure that you like it, before you commit to buying so many bottles of the stuff.

  • Pros
  • Lasts for a long time.
  • Great for bulk buying.
  • Good value for your money.
  • Noticeable improvement in fuel efficiency and MPG.
  • Cons
  • Large number of bottles means this is an expensive purchase.
  • Only meant for bulk buyers.

Buying The Best Diesel Fuel Additive

In the introduction to this article, we mentioned how we wanted to go beyond just reviewing products on Amazon, and actually take a deeper look at what goes into buying one of these products.

While many of you out there are likely to be familiar with diesel fuel additives and various pieces of information such as how they work, why they are needed, how to buy one, and other useful information.

However, we know that not everyone who is reading our article is going to be as familiar with these items as they should be. That is what this next part of the article will be helping you with. In this buying guide, you will find out everything that a vehicle owner needs to know to buy the right additive.

Why You Need Additive

The first question that needs to be answered is the all important question of why you need an additive in the first place.

This is because for a lot of people, they just put gas in something and never have to think twice. However, when dealing with anything that uses gas and that doesn’t get immediately used (season vehicles and power tools are the most common options here), then fuel additives become a lot more important.

They prevent the stagnant fuel from becoming unstable and degrading. This is extremely important for the long-term health of your vehicle, tool, or whatever else you have the diesel fuel in. A lot of you will also no doubt be interested in the fact that fuel additives can improve the quality and lifespan of an engine (but more on that later).

The Benefits of Additives

In this next section we want to talk about the various benefits that you can expect to get from adding a fuel additive to your diesel vehicle or tool.

We talked a lot in our review list about the many different benefits and a lot of you are probably already familiar with them, but we still wanted to get a sort of comprehensive list together for this buying guide.

Increased Engine Performance

The first and probably best thing about using an engine additive is how well it does when it comes to improving your engine’s overall performance.

This is really important we feel because for the vast majority of people, improving the performance quality of your engine is expensive, time consuming, and difficult. So, being able to do it by just adding in some liquid to the gas tank is very helpful. But of course, you may be curious as to what we mean by “improved engine performance.”

Well, adding diesel additive to your engine can result in numerous benefits, such as reducing wear and tear, improving how the engine runs, and increasing the engine’s efficiency so that it uses less gas. So, as you can see, buying additive is a surprisingly cheap and easy thing to do that will save you a lot of money and time down the road.

Removing Moisture

Something else that many diesel fuel additives do that is very important is remove any moisture from the fuel tank. We all know that moisture and gasoline (of any type) don’t go together, but sadly, those who live in wetter climates can’t really do anything to prevent annoying moisture from getting into their gas tank.

This is where certain additives can come in very handy, since as you saw from at least one of the reviews we did above, additives can take the moisture out of a gas tank before it causes issues.

Better Cold Weather Protection

We know that this isn’t going to apply to everyone, but if you happen to live in an area where it gets cold (such as the northern United States), then you might want to invest in a fuel additive. Cold weather can cause diesel fuel in cars and gas powered tools to degrade even faster than normal.

A diesel fuel additive protects the fuel from the cold weather and keeps it stable. It is a must-have for vehicles and tools that get stored with fuel inside of them over the winter (boats, RVs, trucks, etc.).

Buying The Right Additive

Now that you know all about the many benefits associated with fuel additives for diesel fuel, we will quickly go over some features to look for in different fuel additives.


It goes without saying that the more fuel additive that you can buy at once, the better. While you don’t use a ton of it at once, you can go through it a lot quicker than you would probably expect to.

Having to constantly buy more and more bottles is not only expensive, but also inconvenient. So, we recommend either buying big jugs or in bulk.

Does it Offer The Right Protection

Not all additives are built alike. Some are designed to different things or focus on different areas. If you have a specific concern, like protecting your diesel fuel from cold weather or moisture, then make sure that the additive that you go for specifically advertises that it addresses your specific area of concern.

This advice is more meant for those who are very new to this whole process as we expect that veterans are aware of this already.


Those of you who may still have some questions that you want to get answered can take advantage of our comment section that we have thoughtfully included. All comments that are relevant to our best diesel fuel additive article are welcome.

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